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Type of business

Online store with printed paintings by an artist from Austria

Website address


Creating a new sales channel for the company. Having  your own online store. The ability to import a large amount of items from  Etsy without having to manually rewrite the data. Ability to manage all  product configurations in bulk Fast and reliable sales platform. Low cost of  ownership. No need to manage the hosting server yourself and perform manual  administration. The ability to launch sales in many different currencies, to  many different countries and continents and in different languages.  Possibility of selling using designated payment operators.    

What we did

Determination of needs and requirements. Creating a list of requirements along with task priorities.

Theme Selection: Recommend where to look for the right Shopify themes.

Providing advice on "How do I find a good theme and what to look for when looking for a Shopify theme?"

Implementation of the entire online store.

Regular meetings with the client online to discuss the progress of the implementation. Implement many unique programming changes to the template code.

Recording video tutorials for the customer so that he can independently manage multiple configurations, the entire store, CMS and import of products from the Etsy platform. Performing many tests.

Implementing a system for translating a website into other languages.

Performing a conversion of customer reviews from an external system – for use in the Shopify system. Build your own CMS to import items from Etsy and manage item configurations in bulk.

A piece of recommendation

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