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Type of business

Advanced web-based legal document creator

Website address



Creating a modern and easy-to-use system for creating legal documents. Implementation of payments. Perform the necessary integrations and automations. Execution of tests and launch the website.

What we did

Creating a visual design in the Figma application. Implementation of the website in the Webflow system. Export html, css, JS code from Webflow to customer's hosting. Implementation of website code on customer's hosting. Individual integration with the payment system using the API. Development of a universal advanced system for the construction of complex legal documents in the form of XML files. Creating a PDF file generator based on the answers provided by the client. Configure notifications to be sent to clients. Perform document reminder functions for customers who have already purchased the service. Implementation of the service. Maintenance of the service.

A piece of recommendation

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Kreator PismKreator PismKreator PismKreator PismKreator PismKreator Pism